Thu 18 Dec 2014

Benefit Comp Out Now!

The newest BFR release (BFR009) is out now. Killer remixes for a crucial cause. If you want to hear mutated tunes from Deleted Scenes, The Caribbean, and Tereu Tereu--or if you just want to help out a deeply important D.C. organization--the Benefit For... Read More
Tue 18 Nov 2014

New Remix Compilation to Benefit HIPS

After quietly working together for a year or so, we're excited to announce a round-robin remix project featuring Deleted Scenes, The Caribbean, and Tereu Tereu. The bands each remixed each others' songs, and the result is a friend-based, collaborative... Read More
Mon 17 Nov 2014

A Closer Listen reviews Fiber Optic Tap

Fantastic Drunken Sufis review from A Closer Listen--whose publication is quite accurately named:"They revel in the anarchy of the broken, and Fiber Optic Tap is a joyful, fractured noise."
Tue 14 Oct 2014

New Drunken Sufis Out Now // Gimme Tinnitus Review

Drunken Sufis' new drone record (and full-length video) FIBER OPTIC TAP is out now!  The music/video is all about obsolosence--the death of obsolete technology and our relationship with it. Naturally, we also put it out on CASSETTE which is... Read More
Wed 24 Sep 2014

New Laughing Man Video via Impose Mag

"Washington, D.C. foursome Laughing Man have proved daring in their musical style and content, combining a post-punk proclivity with some soul and old-school R&B while confronting racial anxieties head on. In 2010 they released their debut The... Read More
Thu 11 Sep 2014

New Releases: Laughing Man / Drunken Sufis / Remixes / Exeunt

SO MUCH NEW SHITCheck it out:9/30/14 - "Be Black Baby" - Laughing ManThe art-rock/soul-punk record you've been waiting for. 10/14/14 - "Fiber Optic Tap" - Drunken SufisDigital drone madness. Also available on cassette. 10/14/14 - "Cotton Candy Cluster... Read More
Mon 08 Sep 2014

New Laughing Man Record Out September 30th

The long-awaited Laughing Man record "Be Black Baby" is on its way out. The digital preorder is now up on our bandcamp, and next week it will be available for preorder on iTunes. The whole package drops on September 30th. Get stoked!

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