Wed 24 Sep 2014

New Laughing Man Video via Impose Mag

"Washington, D.C. foursome Laughing Man have proved daring in their musical style and content, combining a post-punk proclivity with some soul and old-school R&B while confronting racial anxieties head on. In 2010 they released their debut The... Read More
Thu 11 Sep 2014

New Releases: Laughing Man / Drunken Sufis / Remixes / Exeunt

SO MUCH NEW SHITCheck it out:9/30/14 - "Be Black Baby" - Laughing ManThe art-rock/soul-punk record you've been waiting for. 10/14/14 - "Fiber Optic Tap" - Drunken SufisDigital drone madness. Also available on cassette. 10/14/14 - "Cotton Candy Cluster... Read More
Mon 08 Sep 2014

New Laughing Man Record Out September 30th

The long-awaited Laughing Man record "Be Black Baby" is on its way out. The digital preorder is now up on our bandcamp, and next week it will be available for preorder on iTunes. The whole package drops on September 30th. Get stoked!
Fri 29 Aug 2014

Charlottesville & Richmond -- Laughing Man!

Laughing Man is playing Charlottesville tonight! And RICHMONDERS be sure to tune in to WRIR 97.3 fm Richmond Independent Radio tomorrow at 2PM to hear some live on-air tunes!
Wed 06 Aug 2014

Video from Drone Brunch // New Exeunt release

Were you at In It Together Fest last weekend?Matt Cohen, Brendan Polmer, and Ryan Little performed for a rad Drone Brunch. More improvised music from the same dudes is available on our upcoming "Exeunt No. 2" release. It should be available... Read More
Tue 27 May 2014

New Series: EXEUNT

You may or may not have noticed a new link on our site's nav bar called EXEUNT. What is EXEUNT?!?There are moments of sheer serendipity that sometimes occur when interesting people play music together without an agenda. You can't predict or plan... Read More

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