Thu 18 Dec 2014

The newest BFR release (BFR009) is out now. Killer remixes for a crucial cause. If you want to hear mutated tunes from Deleted Scenes, The Caribbean, and Tereu Tereu--or if you just want to help out a deeply important D.C. organization--the Benefit For HIPS is now available. Pick it up at Bandcamp, iTunes, or whatever online retailer you prefer. 

The press has been saying some awfully nice things about the whole project:

WAMU featured a lovely interview about the whole thing, praising the remix of "Jobsworth" as "out of this world."
Washington City Paper talked to The Caribbean about the affair, noting one remix reminded them of Caribou.
Brightest Young Things debuted the remix of "Cut The Line," utilizing many exclamation points in the process.

All profits go to HIPS, so feel free to pay as much as you want and help HIPS help sex workers, when often no one else will.