Sun 15 Jan 2017

[and they're about to get stranger]


But Drunken Sufis know no walls or borders.

Let Pala Pala reinvigorate your  senses 
and push you
                toward the light of imagination.

Out this Friday on Bad Friend,
       the music lilts with jazz, 
       tumbles through p u n k & no wave,
and lands in some genre yet-to-be-named. 

"On Pala Pala, Drunken Sufis have found the yin to balance their yang."
-A Closer Listen

Pre-order digital copy, 
a limited-edition cassette,

or an ultra-limited,
    lathe-cut ֎vinyl֍ 7" 
      with a ((7x12)) digital print 
         on weighted bamboo paper.

(hot damn!)


This Sunday,
     Drunken Sufis benefit The DC Center
     specifically their program for LGBT immigrants
     while performing at Rhizome in DC at 4:00 PM.

     ...see you there?

-R. // BFR


P.S.  Keep your eyes peeled for more Pala Pala surprises in the coming weeks...