Tue 18 Nov 2014

After quietly working together for a year or so, we're excited to announce a round-robin remix project featuring Deleted Scenes, The Caribbean, and Tereu Tereu. The bands each remixed each others' songs, and the result is a friend-based, collaborative smorgasboard of strangeness. The proceeds from the record, officially entitled "Deleted Scenes vs The Caribbean vs Tereu Tereu," will benefit the local DC organization HIPS

The record officially comes out on December 16th, but you can pick up a copy at the record release show (which also benefits HIPS) on December 13th at Union Arts.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Deleted Scenes - You Get To Say Whatever You Want (Tereu Tereu Remix)
2. Tereu Tereu - Cut The Line (The Caribbean "Deep Resentment" Remix) 
3. The Caribbean - Jobsworth (Deleted Scenes Remix)
4. The Caribbean - Imitation Air (Tereu Tereu Remix)
5. Deleted Scenes - Seasons of the Wire (The Caribbean "Overthink" Remix)
6. Tereu Tereu - Spanish Lynx (Deleted Scenes Remix)