Tue 01 Dec 2015

The Holidays are here. The holi-daze is here. 

Promos, Adverts, Expectations, Family Gatherings, Memories, Hugs... frankly, it's a lot to deal with. 

So we put together some songs, recipes, reflections, photos, and drawings--all about surviving the holidays. 

Survive Vol. 1: The Holidays

Pre-order your copy now

It's a cassette and a zine, limited to just 40 copies.

The cassette features music from Soft Punch, Cousin P, Habbits, and Gordon Withers.

The zine features words and visuals from Erin Hall Bray, Tommy Siegel, Jen Brown, Brendan Polmer, Lobo Marino, Uncle Shrake, Patrick Kigongo, Pat Walsh, and Ryan Little.

It's like a first-aid kit made of chocolate. Unless you can't eat chocolate, then it's made of something equally delicious.

It comes out on December 3rd but won't last long.