Tue 14 Apr 2015

Bad Friend is proud to announce Lobo Marino will be releasing their newest album "We Hear The Ocean" both digitally and on vinyl with our humble label!

The album comes out on May 12th, and vinyl ships out in July. We couldn't be happier to welcome their gorgeous chant-folk, drone-pop, yoga-friendly vibrations to our catalog.

A preorder is already up on bandcamp, so get on it!


Longtime cohorts Drunken Sufis are releasing their sixth (sixth!) album on April 28th, both digitally and on limited-edition, bubblegum-pink cassette!

The all-instrumental record is called "Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs," and it's the purest distillation of their vision yet. With short bursts of joyful mayhem, the band packs 26 free-form songs into 22 minutes. They've been releasing videos for each song every day now, and all of them are as fractured and as strangely sweet as the music.

Preorder "Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs" on iTunes or Bandcamp now!